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Psychological Services in Phoenix, Arizona and Beyond Provided by Dr. Dena Cabrera

You have suffered long enough.

Together we will find hope and health.

Dena Cabrera
Dena Cabrera

Whether you are struggling with disordered eating, distressing emotions, such as anxiety, loneliness and sadness, troubling thoughts and worries, trauma, unhealthy behavior patterns, or life stressors, specialized help is available and change is possible.  

Asking for help takes courage—you can find hope, support, and relief. The brain and body can build and learn different ways of responding and develop more functional emotional responses, thoughts, and behaviors. Asking for help is a brave step and you are worth it. 

Dr. Dena Cabrera

Help for Eating Disorders 

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If you are consumed with thoughts about food and body image, I can help you. 

Athletes & Performers 

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Find balance, satisfaction, and improved mental health in sports, on stage, and in life.

Treatment for Anxiety

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I have a way of connecting and resolving anxiety that feels empowering and supportive.

Help for Misophonia 

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Do noises seem to be driving you crazy? If so, you may be experiencing Misophonia.



Individual Therapy

Working with individuals with an array of issues, including disordered eating, body image issues, anxiety, ADHD, and misophonia. 

Eating Disorder Consultation

Helping families understand eating disorders, develop comprehensive care plans, and navigate treatment. 


Psychological Assessments

Providing assessments of strengths and limitations, including a comprehensive evaluation and recommendations.


Supervision & Training

Providing training, supervision, and consultation to those working toward licensure as a therapist or psychologist.